Helix - Lifeguards - Wipeout - Tyler Hill & Josh Brady

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Description: Three beautiful guards are patrolling an attractive Florida seaside once they cum upon attractive reader, Josh Brady. Brady looks coyly in the group as he changes before them into his wet-suit right, right before removing in to the search. After his two pals mind off to lunchtime, brown and toned Tyler discovers herself left alone with beached Brady, handed on the shoreline! He starts mouth to mouth simply to be fulfilled with stunning Brady&rsquo and pushes towards the viewers help ! This really is scenario's type Tyler fantasized about when he registered to be always a lifeguard! A warm reader who's therefore into him rsquo;n pretend a wipeout simply to report a hug Today it’s occurring, the dream involves existence and all Josh really wants to do is fuck. Brady includes a large animal of the “surfboard and Tyler&rsquo as though items couldn’t get much better, pretty-boy;s expects to experience every trend
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