CorbinFisher - ACS0079 - Taylor and Julie

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Description: It would appear CF fans most definitely have a weakness for Southern studs! When Taylor's recent solo video appeared over on ACM, the response was amazing! People have been going nuts over that hot face, muscular bod, Southern accent, stiff cock and all that studliness that just oozes (and spurts!) out of him! Taylor made quite the impression with his looks, and Taylor's jack off performance likewise made quite the impression. Now, we ramp things up with the awesome sight of this Southern stud in action, pounding a girl silly and showing off just how that powerful, muscular frame comes in handy in the bedroom! Taylor's rippling muscles look amazing while he's in action, and that cock of his gets so rock hard you'd think he could smash diamonds with it! Here's hoping this isn't the last of Taylor in action that we're treated to, as it's so obviously clear from this video that he's a total stud and a definite treat to watch in action!