Helix - Tight Teens - Gabe Isaac and Jimmy Andrews

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Description: Fresh out of his later college exercise, Jimmy Andrews saunters to Gabe Issac's bedroom cumplaining he is a little tender.... EVERYWHERE. Isaac takes the bait and offers his tight muscles and the sexy blond a massage that essentially leads to massaging one another's tongues the pair. The clothes come off and we all can see as the only real fat on these is in their large cocks BOTH boys are hitting the gym! Gabe goes the excess mile and works the primary muscle of the kid together with his mouth. The saying BIG things come in smallish packages is DEFINITELY true in Andrews scenario! Gabe completes his south of the border boner massage and straddles Jimmy's face big bulge. Jimmy gets right in the face using the dick of life and removes his undies that are tight! Gabe catches him from the back of the head and fucks his face to get a while before Jimmy takes matters gobbling the gargantuan groin into it is base! Even Gabe opinions on the twink's talents stating HE can not believe the kid can fit the entire appendage inside his mouth! Andrews requests Isaac to deliver so he can put his tongue talents to focus eating 69 ensues that bum over. Having a moist and prepared hole, Gabe sticks his ass down on boy's large bone bareback and gets to bouncin' because his superb sized schlong does exactly the right in the face of Jimmy. Andrews hog hunger has been climbing; after all you can not dangle a dick like THAT and expect them NOT to get plowed! Gabe gets his man catches his goliath and crams that condom gigantic cock deep in his twink. As he goes at Isaac doing damage that is delicious and likely making sure that he is not getting split in 2, Jimmy is at hotdog paradise. Keeping it all exciting, our boys turn and Jimmy shoves his Johnson back where it came out Gabe on his back so that he can find a gander at the boy stroking that behemoth that is beautiful. Gabe's gonads work a glorious gooey load of his grade A groin that he spits beyond his pretty pink nips. Jimmy adds glaze to the tight torso of Gabe and whips his jock out of the warm bounds of it.