RandyBlue - RB2272 - Ryan Stack & Trent Davis

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Description: Photo shoot. Snap snap. Ryan Stack and Trent Davis. Snap snap. Two hot hairy guys. Snap. Ryan is doing his first photo shoot with Randy Blue and needs a little help. Luckily Trent Davis has a hobby, he loves being the fluffer on porn shoots. Within seconds Trent is sniffin pubes as buries Ryan’s long uncut cock way down his throat. Ryan is a new guy in town and everyone already loves his chiseled body. He looks like he was carved from stone and then decorated with just the right amount of dark fur. And the way he throws his legs back as Trent goes down on his dick, lightly licking around his low hanging balls, shows that he really gets into his work. And Trent is having the time of his life, letting his facial scruff rub against Ryan’s ball sack making it tingle as his rock hard cock nearly slaps Trent in the face. The camera snaps a few more pics and Trent is working Ryan’s hole with his tongue. Ryan is so into this that he grabs his cock and jerks it while Trent is otherwise engaged. And finally when he can’t take it anymore he fucks Trent’s hungry suckhole until he builds up such a load that he shoots it all over Trent’s face. And Trent is so turned on by this that he sprays his jizz all over his chest like a pervy fountain. And a hint at what is to come for our European hottie, he eagerly kisses Trent on the lips, tasting his own cum.