Helix - Joey Mills & Angel Rivera - Prime Real Estate

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Description: Joey Mills has a new job at a real estate service and an wonderful new listing! He’s so excited about the new chance he chooses boyfriend Angel Rivera to the wonderful mansion that he’s certain to generate a killing . The pretty pair’s future is definitely looking bright and they celebrate by christening the master bedroom having a big, lovely, bareback bang-a-thon! Angel engulfs Mill’s monster manhood balls deep using a super impressive sword consuming. Joey reaches about to play Rivera’s rump and over a minute the latin lust god is in desperate need of a deep dicking. He climbs onto Joey’s spit slick schlong and slides that smooth sex gap down while Mills caresses the boy’so beautiful bronze butt cheeks and chest. Rivera’s rock hard rig strikes against Joey’s tight torso until the boys turn this up and Rivera gets railed on his spine. Mills functions the child ’s may like a master here, pulling his renowned, fat phallus all of the way outside, then plunging the beast back inside Angel’s amazing ass for optimum pleasure. Mills maneuvers his man into doggy style and attracts the hump hammer down hard while grabbing his guy by the neck. He can sense when his latin lover is shut and flips the bronze attractiveness back so he could observe the show. Angel doesn’t disappoint. His cock creams heavy, sending salty white splatter around over his gold flesh. Joey jumps up and jacks his giant until it spits hot white fire over Angel’s pretty face! The pretty boy receives it anywhere. Jack off Joe nails him in the eye then paints the entire left side of the face using all the contents of his prick. Joey lays down next to his boyfriend scoops the spooge out of his cheek then feeds it to him to get the perfect fuck finale just as another realtor opens the doorway!
Models: Joey Mills