SeanCody - SC1077 - Kurt & Jess

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Description: Kurt’s been busy with school and is now on summer break. I was excited to hear from him and see him in action again. There was definitely a connection the instant Kurt met Jess! They joked around and did some push ups before they started making out. They didn’t hesitate — Kurt pulled Jess’ cock out and got him hard by stroking him. Once Kurt got Jess’ pants down he dropped to his knees and started working on his cock and sucking on his balls. Jess’ cock is so big that it barely fit in Kurt’s mouth. He didn’t seem to have any problems with trying, though. Jess then sucked on Kurt’s huge cock working his way up to his nipples (which are sensitive), making Kurt flinch with pleasure. They started fucking on the sofa and the deeper Jess went, the louder Kurt got! They switched positions, from side-by-side, to behind, to missionary and the pounding got harder, faster and more intense until Kurt blew all over his stomach. Jess gently kissed Kurt’s nipples and licked Kurt’s cum off his stomach. Then he shot a huge load over Kurt’s stomach as well... some of the cum even shot over Kurt’s head!